Beyond the Bridge

Support for people who have lost or are facing the loss of a beloved cat

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A community dedicated to supporting people who have lost or are facing the loss of a beloved cat.
This community is dedicated to supporting people who have lost or are facing the loss of a beloved feline companion. Welcome, and thank you for being here. You're not alone.

We can't give you any professional counseling here--and nobody in this community makes any claim of being a professional counselor--but you will find people who understand your grief and give you support.

The community is currently moderated by dances_withcats. Other moderators may be added at a later date.

Community Rules
Read these rules before joining or posting in this community.
Failure to read and comply with the community rules will result in deletion of your post
or, for three-time violators, banning from the community.

1. The focus of this community is emotional support. This is not a place to ask health questions--there are plenty of LiveJournal communities, such as cathealth, that serve as forums for individuals who want to ask health questions.

2. This is a moderated community. Although people from outside LiveJournal can post, all posts will be screened by the moderator(s). Because people will be visiting this community during a very difficult time, the intention is that this community will be a safe space to express feelings of grief, guilt, relief, or whatever ... and get support and validation from people who have had similar experiences.

3. Do not solicit donations. Rare exceptions may be made for supporting nonprofit organizations relevant to the interests of this community. If you wish to solicit donations fitting this guideline, you must contact the moderator, dances_withcats, at dances_withcats@livejournal.com and request permission. Donation-soliciting posts not approved by the moderator will not appear in the community.

4. Please keep your posts and comments civil. The last thing grieving people need is to be condemned for a choice they made. Even if it wouldn't be your personal choice, you have no right to flame another user for the decision he or she made.

5. The moderator(s) will not tolerate attempts to start debates/fights on hot-topic issues such as euthanasia, animal rights, indoor vs. outdoor cats, vaccinations, or spay/neuter. This community is for emotional support, not animal rights activism or holier-than-thou proclamations. There are plenty of other communities available for moralizing and pontificating.

6. Many people who lose a cat companion experience manifestations of their cat's spirit after the cat has passed over. If you are one of these people, you are welcome to share your experience(s).

7. You are welcome to express your spirituality as it relates to your experiences with grief and loss. All spiritual paths are welcome, so please don't be afraid to post your thoughts or stories and be truthful about your beliefs. However, please do not use this space to proselytize, preach about your religion, or belittle others whose beliefs differ from yours.